frequently asked questions

▶ To become an international Kikisake-shi

Regarding the correction of submitted assignments, we will make corrections at a fixed time every month. No matter how early you submit it, it will not be completed earlier than 3 months.
Also, even if you submit all the assignments at once for the same reason, we will correct them once a month.
We do not provide individual support, so we appreciate your understanding.

If you have a textbook, you can apply at the following cost.

General: 57,000 yen FBO certified member: 27,000 yen
* Regular price: General: 60,000 yen FBO certified member: 30,000 yen

If you are a text purchaser, please apply from here.

■When taking classes in Japan
(1)Please prepare two types of sake that are distributed in Japan.
(2)It is also possible to purchase from “FBO Online System Motenashibito” managed by the affiliated NPO corporation FBO.
(Problem sake for communication programs (recommended)

■When taking classes overseas
Please prepare two types of sake by referring to「Recommended items

Please contact us by email ( with the following details.
Please note that we do not accept changes over the phone.

Subject: Change the examination date for the International Kikisake-shi 
1. Name
2. Examination date
3. Examination date you wish to change
If you contact the secretariat by the 3rd day from the day before the application date, it will be changed free of charge.
A fee of 5,000 yen will be charged for changes from 2 days before the event to the day before the event.
※Currently, as an emergency measure related to the new coronavirus, we are accepting the change of test schedule without fee even 2 days before the date.

▶ Other questions

There is. If you would like to join, please click here.