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  3. Correspondence program
  4. Course flow

Correspondence program

Correspondence program

Course flow

We will ask you to submit 3 assignments. The assignments will follow the contents in the textbook.
Please create your answers after thoroughly reading the textbook. When completed, please send them as a PDF file via e-mail.
The assignments will be reviewed by our exclusive specialist and will be sent back to you with the evaluations via e-amil.
The score will determine whether you pass or not.

Shipping of the materials

They will be sent to you within 7 days after the registration has been completed.
The registration will be completed when the payment has been confirmed.

Assignment due dates and return dates

Due dates: The end of the month
Return dates: The end of the following month

Submission and return

Please submit your assignment as a PDF file via e-mail
More details are included in the materials.
The evaluated assignments will be returned via e-mail as well.


The materials arrive.
Once the materials have arrived, please check how to submit them and its due date.


Study in your own pace.
Save your first assignment as a PDF file.
Attach the PDF file on an e-mail and send it to us.
e-mail address:e-mail:cc@ssi-w.com
File name:01 Hiromi Ota 20190530.pdf
(The file name shows which assignment it is, your name, and the submission date.)


The results will be reviewed and evaluated by our staff and will be sent back to you a month later.


Go through the same steps for the second and the third assignments.


After all the assignments have been completed, and have passed the criteria, you will be certified. The certification date will be the 1st of two months after submitting the third assignment.
For example, if you have submitted the third assignment on June 30th 2020, and have passed the criteria, the certification date will be August 1st 2020. The certificate and the certification badge will be sent to you by the certification date.