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Toshio Ueno Vice President & Executive Instructor at Sake School of America.
Born in Japan where his family has grown Japanese wine grape, Koshu, for generations, Toshio grew up helping the business from a young age. Following his college education in the US and employment at an international trading company in Tokyo, Toshio joined Chateraise, a pastry and wine company as Director of Sales. There, he was put in charge of overseeing the personal wine collection of the company’s president, which intrigued him to enter the world of wine stewardship and research. Toshio joined Mutual Trading Company in 2002, where he is Manger of the Business Development Department in marketing Japanese foods and beverage to the mainstream American trade. With his passion and expertise in Sake and Wine, Toshio aims to further promote Japanese food and beverage cultures to new, international audiences. Since 2010, he has been Vice President & Executive Instructor at Sake School of America.
Taeko Tsukada President of Taste Navigator
Based in Singapore for 15 years, started activities as Taste Navigator on 2015 in order to spread an awareness and understanding of sake and shochu to the world. She provides various workshops, advisory services, and certification courses, e.g. Certified International Kikisake-shi (a.k.a Sake Sommelier) Course, in Singapore as an official partner with SSI.
Satomi Dosseur Okubo Director of Enshu Limited
Satomi Dosseur was born and raised in Tokyo. She is a Sake specialist and director of Enshu limited based in London.
In 2000, Satomi took a gap-year to study English in the picturesque town of Chichester, West Sussex. After returned to Japan, she’s began working in the 5* Park Hyatt Tokyo hotel. she then worked in the Japanese restaurant Kozue for 4 years.
During this time she learnt further intricacies of Japanese culture, including etiquette, elegance, hospitality, traditional Japanese cuisine, and of course, Sake
Satomi is a judge in the Sake category of the International Wine Challenge since 2009, alongside becoming the head Sake sommelier at Zuma Restaurant where she worked for 9 years.
Lee Sing Leung
Began teaching professional Japanese Sake at HONG KONG WINE ACADEMY from 2011. He took charge of the International Kikisakeshi class from 2014 at HK Wine academy and is recognized locally as a pioneer of sake education, raising more than 200 International Kikisakeshi’s since then. Also apart from his regular courses, he also tries to expand the culture of enjoying sake through sake seminars in Hong Kong, Macao and China.
Leung Yat Ming Sammy​
Sake and Shochu sommelier used to live in Japan, Australia and England had been worked in Japan company NEC, JTB for more than 10 years. Now is being a wine writer, sake teacher, establish Scottish whiskey​.
Michael Ou Chef and the owner of “Hanabi”
Has his own Izakaya “Hanabi” in Taipei city. Not only does he provide food, he also promotes Japanese culture. In 2012 he acquired a certificate for the teachings of Japanese Sake. Using his skills of speaking 3 languages(Chinese, English, Japanese), he holds many seminars and has produced more than a thousand Japanese Sake Navigators. He was elected as a The Honorary KIKISAKE-SHI SAKA-SHO in 2017 and has also published many books related to Sake. An event he holds from 2013 in Taiwan called Sakelism 日本酒主義 is one of the biggest Japanese Sake festivals. He established a Japanese Sake import company in 2012 and also in 2015 established a Japanese Sake only store.
MAEZONO FUJIO Manager Sake Division of City Super Taiwan Limited
Born in Fukuoka, Japan. Has been living in Taiwan for more than 30 years now. He? is the manager of the sake & wine department at City Super Taiwan Ltd of Hong Kong. He also visits many Sake brewery, Shochu brewery for work-related business. He is always surprised by the attention to detail of each warehouses and the deep attachment to the towns. He pursues his search for delicious sake and shochu everyday.
Lee Dukhee
After completing the Master’s course in Toyo University Graduate School of majoring in International Tourism Studies, works at SSI. He is qualified for the Nihon Shugaku Koshi and Sakasho. And Sake Lecturer and works as a professional lecturer at Soongsil University since 2011. Besides that, he also works on locally on importing sake and marketing work.