Examination course

The Examination course enables people who have passed the qualification tests that the SSI INT’L conducts to be a certified International Kikisake-shi. There are currently tests available in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Korean.
Caution: About International Kikisake-shi Ver. KOREAN The qualification tests to be International Kikisake-shi Ver. KOREAN are conducted in Soongsil University (Korea) and have certified 608 people (Aug.2019). There are also lectures to prepare for the test in the university.The application for this test is done through Soongsil University. Also, please understand that we do not accept applications only for the qualification test. To see the details, please check Soongsil University
website.URL http://www.sakessu.co.kr/

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Examination overview Range of possible questions

・Alcoholic Beverages: The Basics
・ Sake History
・ Ingredients of Sake
・ How Sake is Made
・ Sake Tasting
・ Serving Sake
・ Sake Labels

★Recommendation textbook


Master of SAKE -The textbook of KIKISAKE-SHI【Ver.French

Master of SAKE -The textbook of KIKISAKE-SHI-

The test contents

1st Written 50min Basic knowledge of food and beverages including alcoholic beverages
2nd Written 50min Technical knowledge of sake
3rd Written 50min The formation of sales promotion through sake tasting and the knowledge regarding service.

*Schedules may differ depending on the day and the place.

Qualification of candidacy for the test and its fee

Qualification One must be old enough to legally drink alcoholic beverages at the country of the applicant’s nationality and residence, as well as the country in which the test is taken.
Examination Fee 25,000yen (Tax included)
Certification fee When passed the test Certification fee: 5,000yen (Tax included)

*There are no special prices for FBO member