Course Features
A student is certified when he/she scores sufficiently in all three correspondence tests. Students who do not score sufficiently are repeatedly given instructions and guidance until they score sufficiently as long as it is during the course period.
Students receive effective and detailed instructions through corrections and comments provided by a full-time instructor in one of the various languages offered.
Note: We designate e-mail as the method for turning in completed correspondence tests and returning the checked correspondence tests in PDF data. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any other methods.

Period Three months (This period cannot be shortened.)*1
Course Start Date First day of each month*2

*1 When students are not able to complete the correspondence tests within three months, the course period can be extended at the maximum to one year from the month the course was started.

*2 Limited to sign up for up to 10 days of start date previous month

Course Program

No.1 ・Problems and solutions for providing and selling sake
・Basic knowledge of various alcoholic beverages, food with palatability and beverages
No.2 ・Raw materials, Production method, Indications
・Classification according to flavor characteristics (four types)
No.3 ・Tasting
・Sales Promotion

Course Material

Text ・NIHONSHU-NO-MOTOI The Textbook for INTERNATIONAL KIKISAKE-SHI【Ver. English】1st Edition Jan, 2020 or 2nd Edition Apr, 2020
・Correspondence tests (3 tests in total)
・Correspondence test answer sheet

Correspondence Test Eligibility Details
・Anybody who is above or at the age of the legal drinking age of the area in which he/she resides at the time of course application submission
・Applicant who has agreed to all stated conditions

Qualification of candidacy for the test and its fee

Qualification One must be old enough to legally drink alcoholic beverages at the country of the applicant’s nationality and residence, as well as the country in which the test is taken.
Fee Non-Member:50,000JPY(Add delivery free)
FBO certified members:40,000JPY(Add delivery free)

*The above fees include the post-certification expenses.
*After the payment has been made, no refund can be provided for cancellation or non-participation due to an individual’s personal circumstances. Please take this condition into consideration before you apply.
*Pursuant to laws and regulations, we do not accept applications from those who are under the legal drinking age of the area in which they reside.
*It is necessary to prepare by oneself the sake used for tasting. Since it is necessary to prepare two kinds of sake, please understand the situation in advance and apply.
*Accepted payment method: Credit card (no other options offered)



~Non-Member:60,000JPY(Add delivery free)~

‘Correspondence course of KIKISAKE-SHI’_Ver.English
Please select the area you live before you move on to purchasing.

ONLY FBO certified members

The price changes with a receiver of a text.

‘Correspondence course of KIKISAKE-SHI’_Ver.English
Please select the area you live before you move on to purchasing.

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