2. What is an International Kikisake-shi
  3. Necessity of International Kikisake-shi


What is an International Kikisake-shi

Necessity of International Kikisake-shi

The need of sake to the growing foreign population in Japan


In the year 2018, the number of people visiting Japan from overseas has exceeded 30 million, which is three times as larger than that of five years ago. The Japanese government has set a national goal to have 40 million visitors by 2020 and it seems achievable with the rate of increase we are seeing.

According to statistics, 75% of the people visiting Japan from overseas look forward to eating Japanese food. Also, 20% look forward to tasting sake. Considering that Japanese food is often paired with sake, we can say that most of the visitors to Japan are expecting to enjoy Japanese food and sake during their stay.

Top 10 Multiple answers allowed

1:Eat Japanese food (74.1%)
3:Nature/scenery sightseeing(48.3%)
4:Bathe in a hot spring(44.4%)
5:Walking in shopping districts(38.3%)
6:Stay in a Japanese-style in(27.2%)
7:Drink Japanese alcoholic beverages(22.3%)
8:Experience Japanese history/culture(20.6%)
9:Theme parks(17.4%)

Source: Consumption Trend Survey for Foreigners Visiting Japan, Japan Tourism Agency, 2014.

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This statistic shows us that we have a great possibility to promote Japanese food and sake culture. However, since sake is a product that requires instruction, one might not experience the full potential of sake without this instruction.
This is where an International kikisake-shi comes in and provides instructions on how to best experience the Japanese food and sake culture for people from overseas.

The need of sake is increasing as the number of people visiting Japan is increasing. An International kikisake-shi is required to be a professional of sake in serving customers around the world.