2. What is an International Kikisake-shi
  3. INTERNATIONAL Kikisake-shi’s ability


What is an International Kikisake-shi

INTERNATIONAL Kikisake-shi's ability

An International kikisake-shi has the ability to create tactical and strategic project plans and implement them as a way of sake sales promotion.

A backbone of this ability includes knowledge, skill, and mental attitude. All these are essential in order to plan and implement sales promotion from the customers’ point of view and make the sales of sake to customers beneficial.

Not only is it important to have the necessary abilities as a person who serves and sells food, but also one must understand the abilities necessary to serve and offer food overseas.

One very important ability that an International kikisake-shi must firstly grasp would be to know the product characteristics. This is to say that one must be able to explain the unique characteristics of sake through comparing and contrasting the vast variety of alcoholic beverages around the world to sake.

Also, when looking at the product characteristics, one must take into account both selling points and points that should be considered.

7 abilities of an International kikisake-shi