It has become a time when the demand for sake has increased all over the world.
Now that perishable foodstuff is circulated actively without damaging its quality, the healthy Japanese cuisines are gathering attention in cities all over the world.
It is natural that the demand for sake, which is the best match with Japanese cuisines, should increase.
In SSI, in order to make the most of the important encounter between sake and the people around the world, we believe that we must now think with an international standard, and improve and establish sake as a world-class product.
While showing the wonderful qualities of sake to the world, we would like to campaign for true friendship between Japan and the world.

SSI International Chairperson Haruyuki Hioki

Institute Overview

Name: SSI International (SSI INT’L)
Foundation: 2009
President: Haruyuki Hioki  ( NPO FBO Vice Chairperson/SSI Executive Director)
Executives: Please check here.
Address: 1-15-17 TN Koishikawa Building 7F Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0002 Japan
Contact Address: E-mail info@ssi-w.com

Certification: International Kikisake-shi
*Currently, certification can be obtained through exams in multiple languages.
・International Kikisake-shi (English)
・International Kikisake-shi (Korean)
・International Kikisake-shi (Chinese)
・International Kikisake-shi (French)
・International Kikisake-shi (Espagnol)


SSI International conducts research on alcoholic beverages with a main focus on methods of providing Japanese alcoholic beverages, Sake and Shochu, to the world. Through educational campaigns, we aim to diffuse and expand Japanese sake and food culture internationally and to support, inherit, and develop relevant industries.

Main Projects

・ Research studies on alcoholic beverages in general including Japanese alcoholic beverages and drinking & dining with an international perspective.
・ Programs for training and certifying professionals over the supply and sales of Japanese alcoholic beverages with an international perspective.
・ Program for training and certifying individuals proficient in promoting adequate knowledge of Japanese alcoholic beverages to consumers around the world.
・ Projects for adequate promotion of Japanese alcoholic beverages to the world.
・ Recognizing and awarding international activities relevant to the promotion and the development of Japanese alcoholic beverages.
・ Projects on globalizing Japanese alcoholic beverages and to make them into an international brand.
・ Programs related to flavor-sensory evaluation of Japanese alcoholic beverages and the training of tasters with an international perspective.
・ Projects on assisting international socialization of individuals and community formation through Japanese alcoholic beverages.
・ Programs for preserving and carrying on Japanese alcoholic beverages and traditional Japanese culture internationally.
・ Other projects necessary for achieving SSI INT’L goals.